Saturday, April 25, 2009

isaiah's trip to wichita

isaiah had so much fun visiting his grandma in kansas! we had lots of time to play with the cuzzies, great grandparents and both auntie kimmy and auntie andi!! here are a bunch of random pictures from our trip...check out andi's blog for more.
isaiah and his favorite cuzzy Jacob

both Nancy's having a blast in the backyard

isaiah took a bowling lesson

chillin like a villain at the zoo

spacing out after a swim with icepops

playing in the streets, wichita old school style

soy ice cream sandwich time!
beautiful isn't she?

we tried to get spring pics of the babies.
didnt work out too well, they are cute anyway.
putting on a play for grandma nancy at Exploration Place

nancy just stole a pretzel out of Zay's mouth
isaiah and nancy sing their favorite song
the whole gang went to the zoo
nancy and isaiah get their first lesson out in grandpa bill's workshop
fancy nancy enjoying her birthday party

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